OCSC 2024: Back to the future

The OCSC is a unique event to celebrate 30 years of international collaboration of European cyber security and incident management teams within a truly global community of trusted practitioners. But instead of looking back, the conference will focus on the future of security incident management and how to address the challenges ahead.

The Agenda

The event aims to foster existing and build new beneficial relationships for development, cooperation, and coordination. A showcase of technology providers completes the program.

Our program committee (read the interview with Sabine and Mark) supported the composition and selection of the content and presenters since late summer 2023. We now have a completed agenda with key notes, invited speakers, twelve trainings, three panels and 20 presentations (check them out here) in two tracks. In addition we have side events allowing regional groups and projects to meet and coordinate.


We are very happy to announce that Chema Alonso, Mandy Andress, Jeff J. Carpenter, Mikko Hypponen and Rebecca Slayton (in alphabetical order by last name) are coming to speak at the conference!

The Prices

Thanks to our sponsors we can offer a very attractive package. The fees include access to the conference on all three days, two blocks of three hours of training (either one full day or two half-day trainings), access to additional events like ice breaker and the conference dinner! CPE credits will be provided in writing.

Special thanks to TF-CSIRT for providing additional discounts! TF-CSIRT offers 100.00 EUR each for a maximum of two team members of a TF-CSIRT/TI accredited/certified team.

Conference Fee
941,18 EUR

For all our Members *

A discount of 15% (resulting in a fee of 800 EUR) will be provided.

Individual discount codes to be used at the time of registration will be delivered to the team representatives in due time.

* Become a Member!

Members are defined either as (all in good standing):

  • FIRST full members
  • TF-CSIRT/TI accredited/certified teams
  • FIRST Liaisons
  • TF-CSIRT/TI Associates

If you are not yet TF-CSIRT/TI accredited and one of your team members attends the OCSC, the team is eligible for a discount of 200,00 EUR on the initial TF-CSIRT/TI accreditation fee (for all accreditations from March to December 2024).

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Unsplash: Annie Spratt