Travel Information

As we are going to the Canary Islands, there are some details to consider for traveling to and from Tenerife. Please find below some tips and hints for your travel planning, that we considered to be of general interest.

Flying in/from Tenerife

Depending on where you are travelling from, you will land at one of the two airports on Tenerife:

Aeropuerto de Tenerife Norte (TFN)

The older one is located in the North, and is used mostly for flights to and from other Spanish airports and especially Gran Canaria.

Aeropuerto de Tenerife Sur Reina Sofía (TFS)

This is bigger and newer, but as it is located in the South near the holiday centers, the commute is longer, approx. 1 hour by bus or taxi. This airport is used for the vast majority of flights and most likely the one you will arrive with.

Flight to Tenerife

Invitation Letter and Visa

If you are requiring an invitation letter please contact us by email to Please allow four weeks (we are relying on other parties, which are doing this as a voluntary offer) to do so - which means you need to plan ahead of the conference!

No last minute actions possible, sorry!

For any VISA requirements please check your national information sources as well as the Spanish regulations.

Transfer from or to Aeropuerto de Tenerife Sur Reina Sofía (TFS, the Southern Airport)

The transfer towards Santa Cruz will take about an hour depending on time of day and traffic conditions. Several options, all safe and reliable, can be chosen.

By Airport Bus

From the Aeropuerto de Tenerife Sur Reina Sofía (TFS) regularly busses with air condition and in very good condition are going towards Santa Cruz de Tenerife (line 111 and 711). These goes to the central bus station (Estacion de Guaguas, Avenida 3 de Mayo 47) in Santa Cruz and will cost about 9,50 EUR. From there you can take a taxi - or other public busses - to go near to your hotel.

By Airport Shuttle or Private Transfer

Various service providers do offer shuttle transfers or private transfers to the hotels in Santa Cruz. As they are more for the individual travel schedule tickets and seats need to be reserved ahead of time. Usually it is not possible to make bookings directly at the airport once you arrive, preparation will require a reservation over the Internet ahead of time. While a Shuttle will cost approx. 18 EUR, a private transfer will require more than 130 EUR.

By Taxi

All taxis are fully licensed on Tenerife. Tenerife’s taxis are all white. They display a green light on the roof or in the windscreen and have an official licence plate with the letters ‘SP’ on them (which stand for “servicio público”). Drivers use officially calibrated taximeters that are regulated by officials. Tenerife taxis operate using a 2-tariff taximeter system. The base fare for tariff 1 is €3.15, the fare per 1 km is approximately €0.55 and the tariff for 15 minutes of waiting is around €3.76. A ride to Santa Cruz will be about 80 EUR.

Getting around on Tenerife and in Santa Cruz

On Tenerife it is easy and affordable to use a rental car. Although the streets are usually in good conditions, depending on your destination the rural areas will clearly have smaller and well used roads, which might be narrow and not easy for the non-experienced driver especially in the mountains.

On the other hand the public transport system on all Canary Islands is rather cheap and of good quality. Even remote destinations are served multiple times per day and so to get from Santa Cruz (central bus station) to interesting places only takes 45-60min with air condition and drivers that know their roads.

Address of Central Bus Station (Estacion de Guaguas), also the Endpoint of the Tram: Avenida 3 de Mayo 47, Santa Cruz

Tip: With the app on your mobile phone it is also easy to pay, just pick up a QR code if you jump on a bus will do it. Tourist cards for full days or multiple days are available. If you do not like to be tracked by your phone you can get a NFC card for 2 EUR that can be used to upload some money and pay-as-you-go within the busses and the tram that connects Santa Cruz with La Laguna and its university.