Diamond Sponsor: CTM360

CTM360 is a consolidated external security platform that seamlessly integrates External Attack Surface Management (EASM), Digital Risk Protection (DRP), Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI), and takedowns. CTM360 demonstrates exceptional expertise in takedowns, making it their core competency. This platform has been meticulously crafted with an emphasis on a regulator’s perspective through national-level monitoring. It not only empowers organizations to identify and mitigate cyber threats proactively but also aligns with the evolving regulatory landscape, ensuring compliance and data protection.

Our mindset is rooted in the understanding that cybersecurity is an ecosystem encompassing national and industry levels, and effective response strategies must be built upon real-time cyber intelligence gathered from National CERTs and active players in the CSIRT/SOC/PSIRT/ISAC eco-system.

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"Participating in OCSC is a natural fit for CTM360, as it perfectly aligns with our ideology of placing more value in a collaborative cybersecurity ecosystem. We firmly believe that the true strength in cybersecurity lies in collective efforts and shared insights."

Mirza Asrar Baig (CEO & Founder of CTM360)

Mirza Asrar Baig

By engaging with OCSC, CTM360 seeks to contribute to the global discourse on cybersecurity, exchange knowledge with international certifying bodies and policymakers, and work together towards a safer digital world. This collaborative approach not only complements our philosophy but also enhances the effectiveness of our comprehensive cybersecurity platform, creating a more resilient and secure environment for organizations and nations alike.