Andrea Dufkova

Senior Cyber Security Expert at ENISA

Andrea Dufkova works at the operational-cooperation unit at ENISA. She joined the Agency in 2008 and since than she has supported the development of CSIRTs and Incident Management capabilities in Europe and beyond. Between 2016-2019, she led a dedicated team of cyber security professionals at ENISA with a focus on operational trainings, CSIRT maturity and NISD - CSIRTs Network Secretariat duties.

Recently, she has been focusing on the development of new programmes for the Agency. This includes the ENISA Support Action programme and the ENISA collaborative initiative facilitating Partnership with private sector entities.

Andrea is also a member of ENISA’s international collaboration team. She joined TF-CSIRT in 2009 and is listed as TI Associate since 2017. She holds FIRST liaison status since 2011 and served at the Board of Directors between 2019-2021. As a certified SIM3 auditor for assessing maturity of CSIRTs she actively supports national and sectoral CSIRTs in this capacity.


Wed, 28 Feb
12:00 PM - 12:30 PM
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