Cristine Hoepers

Cristine Hoepers is the General Manager of, the Brazilian National CERT of last resort, maintained by She holds a Ph.D. in Applied Computing from the Brazilian National Institute for Space Research and currently servers in the Board of Comissioners of the OpenCSIRT Foundation. Her work focuses on helping the establishment of new Incident Response Teams in the Country, delivering incident management training, and developing best practices to increase Internet resilience. She is also an SEI-Authorized instructor and has trained more than 2000 professionals in Incident Handling since 2004. In 2020 she received from M3AAWG the annual Mary Litynski Award for her work to reduce Internet abuse and increase Internet resilience. In the past she served as a member of the FIRST Board of Directors, as a Lead Expert of the UN IGF Best Practice Forum on CERTs and on Spam, and as a member of the ITU HLEG (High Level Experts Group). She has also been a speaker and moderator in several forums such as ITU, OAS, ICANN, APWG, IGF, MAAWG, LACNIC and FIRST.


Thu, 29 Feb
01:30 PM - 03:00 PM
Miroslaw Maj Seiichi Komura Yoshiki Sugiura Milan Sekuloski Karl Selin Piotr Kijewski Laura Hartmann Omo Oaiya Cristine Hoepers Martina Calleri
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