Omo Oaiya

Omo Oaiya is the Chief Strategy Officer of the West and Central Research and Education Network (WACREN).  He was the pioneer CTO of the RREN and continues to work on the technical development of high-capacity Internet network infrastructure for research and education.  

He leads LIBSENSE, an initiative aimed at building the information management capability of librarians and researchers, fostering communities of practice, and strengthening local services to support open science and research in Africa.  A certified SIM3 Auditor, he has keen interests in the establishment and maturity of security teams (CSIRTs) in NRENs,


Thu, 29 Feb
01:30 PM - 03:00 PM
Miroslaw Maj Seiichi Komura Yoshiki Sugiura Milan Sekuloski Karl Selin Piotr Kijewski Laura Hartmann Omo Oaiya Cristine Hoepers Martina Calleri
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