Don Stikvoort

Session Chair: Don Stikvoort


Don Stikvoort was born in 1961, and in 1987 finished his MSc in physics, with the highest honours. From 1988 onwards he was one of Europe's Internet and cyber security pioneers. Led the 2nd European CSIRT until 1998, started the cooperation of European CSIRTs in 1993, and was founding father of NCSC-NL, the Dutch national team. Co-author of the CSIRT Handbook, and creator of the SIM3 CSIRT maturity model. FIRST hall-of-fame member and experienced keynote speaker. Co-founder and current chair of the Open CSIRT Foundation. Apart from these 30+ years in cyber security, Don is also an NLP master trainer & practitioner, and has been giving train-the-trainer trainings worldwide, especially in the cyber security community. Additionally, Don performs executive life/work coaching and therapy for a very limited number of clients.


Wed, 28 Feb
11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
Session Chair: Don Stikvoort
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