Sylvain Cortes

VP of Strategy at Hackuity

Sylvain Cortes is an international expert in identity and access management (IAM) and cybersecurity. During his career, he has worked extensively with large organizations to execute identity and directory governance projects, including authentication processes, inter-OS privilege management, cloud identity management, and Active Directory security. For the past decade, he has been helping orgs dust off their Vulnerability Management processes. He has also worked on several projects linked to the MITRE ATT&CK framework, enabling large enterprises to model their defensive approaches and counter the increasing exploitation of vulnerabilities.

Sylvain is the president of CADIM, a French non-profit organisation that hosts an annual event in Paris dedicated to identity management and cybersecurity: www.identitydays.com. Sylvain is a speaker at numerous events such as Blackhat, Cloud Expo, IdentityDays, FS-ISAC, aMS, IT Nordics, Les Assises de la Sécurité, FIC, and more. For 17 years, Sylvain has been recognized as a Microsoft MVP on Active Directory, MIM, and Security. Last year, Sylvain joined Hackuity as VP of Strategy.


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