CTM360 joins the Open Cyber Security Conference (OCSC) as Diamond Sponsor

– November 2023
As we approach the highly anticipated Open Cyber Security Conference (OCSC), we are delighted to welcome CTM360 as a Diamond Sponsor. This collaboration symbolises a shared commitment to improving the cyber security landscape globally, reflecting the core themes of the OCSC.

Integrating expertise with global trends

Recognised for its cutting-edge Digital Risk Protection Platform, aligns seamlessly with this year’s OCSC focus: shaping the future of cybersecurity through international collaboration and innovation. Known for its comprehensive coverage of external threats, their platform embodies the kind of forward-thinking and user-centric approaches we expect to discuss at the conference.

At the heart of CTM360's operations is an ethos of continuous support, represented by their 24/7/365 model, which ensures that subscribers' digital assets are robustly defended. This commitment reflects one of the key dialogues of our conference: the need for relentless vigilance and adaptability in cybersecurity protocols in the face of evolving digital threats.

Participating in OCSC is a natural fit for CTM360, as it perfectly aligns with our ideology of placing more value in a collaborative cybersecurity ecosystem. We firmly believe that the true strength in cybersecurity lies in collective efforts and shared insights. Our mindset is rooted in the understanding that cybersecurity is an ecosystem encompassing national and industry levels, and effective response strategies must be built upon real-time cyber intelligence gathered from National CERTs. – says the company Founder and CEO - Mr. Mirza Asrar Baig

Confluence of community and technology

As OCSC aims to explore the synthesis of technology and community, CTM360 exemplifies this, particularly in its focus on protecting organisations from a spectrum of cyber threats, and is a practical implementation of one of our central themes: strengthening global cyber resilience.

We expect CTM360's insights to be particularly resonant given their extensive experience and success in preemptively mitigating digital risk, a topic of universal concern and a key focus of our panels and workshops.

Mr. Baig continues to explain the company engagement in OCSC conference - By engaging with OCSC, CTM360 seeks to contribute to the global discourse on cybersecurity, exchange knowledge with international certifying bodies and policymakers, and work together towards a safer digital world. This collaborative approach not only complements our philosophy but also enhances the effectiveness of our comprehensive cybersecurity platform, creating a more resilient and secure environment for organizations and nations alike.

Looking ahead

As we celebrate 30 years of progress in cybersecurity with the TF-CSIRT TI community, CTM360’s partnership underscores the enduring importance of collective effort and innovation in our digital age. Your participation is sure to enrich the discussions, blending practical knowledge with visionary strategies, a combination that promises to take our conversations to new heights.

Join us at the OCSC, where together we will explore dynamic strategies, learn from global success stories, and chart the future path of cybersecurity. We look forward to meeting you there and adding your voice to this critical global dialogue.

The Open Cyber Security Conference (OCSC) Organising Team