Elastic joins the Open Cyber Security Conference (OCSC) as a Gold Sponsor

– February 2024
The sponsorship signifies our shared commitment to advancing cybersecurity knowledge and enhancing collaboration within the industry.

We are thrilled to announce that Elastic has joined us as a Gold Sponsor for the OCSC24 conference.

Elastic has long been a proponent of open security, and in addition to its security solutions, the company’s Security Labs team equips cybersecurity professionals with practical tools, such as scripts and scanners, enabling effective countermeasures against adversaries.

Elastic Security Labs boasts a dedicated group of over 40 seasoned researchers with decades of experience. They specialize in diverse security topics, including malware analysis, campaign tracking, and adversary group research. Their impactful insights are regularly shared through reports, shedding light on emerging threats, adversary groups, and evolving attack patterns.

By becoming Gold Sponsor of OCSC24, Elastic reinforces its dedication to knowledge-sharing and community-building within the cybersecurity domain. Their involvement promises to enrich our conference by bringing their expertise and insights directly to our attendees.

"We are delighted to have Elastic as our Gold Sponsor for OCSC24," said Don Stikvoort, Chair of BoD Open CSIRT Foundation – the main organizer of the conference. "Their commitment to advancing open cybersecurity aligns seamlessly with our mission. We anticipate their significant contributions to our event."

Elastic’s sponsorship elevates OCSC 2024 as the premier platform for cybersecurity professionals, fostering knowledge exchange and collaboration. The conference will take place from 26th February to 1st March at Auditorio Adan Martin Menis, Tenerife.

Looking ahead


Join us at the OCSC, to celebrate together 30 years of progress in cybersecurity with the TF-CSIRT & TI community, learn from global success stories and chart the future paths for the industry. We're looking forward to meeting you there and hearing your voice in this critical global dialogue.

Open Cyber Security Conference (OCSC) Organising Team