OCSC 2024 welcomes Exeon analytics AG as a Sponsor

– February 2024
We are very happy to announce Exeon Analytics AG amongst the sponsors of the Open Cyber Security Conference 2024.

Exeon, renowned for its cutting-edge network security software solution, ExeonTrace, brings a wealth of expertise in network monitoring, threat detection, and cybersecurity response to our event.

ExeonTrace, Exeon's leading network security software solution, harnesses the power of machine learning to provide organizations with comprehensive network monitoring capabilities. It excels in the swift detection of potential cyber threats, enabling efficient responses to safeguard your organization's digital assets.

Michael Tullius, Sales Director Germany at Exeon, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, "This partnership marks a significant milestone for Exeon and the cybersecurity community. The Open Cyber Security Conference is an important event at the European level, providing a platform to discuss emerging trends in CERT and SOC, AI, and cyber resilience. Exeon is well-suited to make a difference in advancing the field, and we are enthusiastic about contributing to the collective dialogue on enhancing digital security. Our cutting-edge network security software solution, ExeonTrace, powered by machine learning, will play a pivotal role in ensuring comprehensive network monitoring and swift threat detection. We look forward to a fruitful collaboration and an impactful presence at this vital cybersecurity gathering."

Exeon's sponsorship underscores OCSC24 as the premier platform for cybersecurity professionals, fostering knowledge exchange and collaboration. The conference is scheduled to take place on 26.02 – 01.03 2004 at Auditorio Adán Martín Menis, in Tenerife.

For more information about Exeon and their role at OCSC 2024, please visit their website and check the conference's program.

Join us at the OCSC, to celebrate together 30 years of progress in cybersecurity with the TF-CSIRT & TI community, learn from global success stories and chart the future paths for the industry. We're looking forward to meeting you there and hearing your voice in this critical global dialogue.

Open Cyber Security Conference (OCSC) Organising Team