Program of Track 1 released

– December 2023
Last week we informed the first wave of authors and submitters that their presentations have been accepted. As we have some more good submissions that we believe would be worthwhile to see and discuss, we are organizing a second track - stay tuned! But for now - here is the list of accepted presentations, ordered alphabetically by the titles:
  1. Backing your threat hunting activities with contextualised threat intelligence / Emilien Le Jamtel and Paul Amicelli
  2. Beyond the Hype: Research on how Cybercriminals are Really Using GenAI / David Sancho and Vincenzo Ciancaglini
  3. From Infection to Encryption: A Deep Dive into Threat Actors Malicious Code / Nicklas Keijser and Alexander Andersson
  4. IntelOwl: making the life of security analysts easier / Matteo Lodi and Simone Berni
  5. Management from below: The Geneva Dialogue / Serge Droz
  6. Multinational threat hunting operations to combat growing threats / Karlis Svilans and Rudolfs Kelle
  7. Navigating Digital Forensic Readiness: Best Practices and Real-World Strategies / Darja-Anna Yurovsky
  8. New Operational support on regional level in EU by ENISA / Andrea Dufkova and Matej Salmik
  9. Overcoming the Confidentiality Conflict -- Bridging the gap between publicly sharing information in IR engagements and potential repercussions / Jose Jair Cardoso de Santanna, Patrick van Looy, Jet Boverhuis and Romy Wajon
  10. Prepare for Impact: Incident Response Building Blocks / Lisa Lobmeyer and Christoph Lobmeyer
  11. Prototyping a Network Intrusion Detection System: A Deep Dive into CERT.LV’s IACS Lab for Safeguarding Critical Infrastructures / Rudolfs Kelle
  12. Tales of the Future Past / Lara Schreuer and Saâd Kadhi
  13. Time Series Analysis for Securitiy Professionals and Threat Hunters / Jan Kohlrausch
  14. Understanding the Anatomy of Cybersecurity Advisory Feed Data / Andrej Zieger and Henning Krause