Why Tenerife? A few words from local host...

– February 2024
As the start of OSCS24 is just behind the corner, we're presenting the interview with Igor Lukic Nikolic, global senior representative of CSA – local host behind Open Cyber Security Conference 2024.

OCSC24: Dear Igor, thank you for your contribution to the Open Cyber Security Conference and for helping so much to organize it with us in Tenerife... What is your motivation to join the OCSC24 team as a local host? 

Igor Lukic Nikolic, CSA: We believe in events, especially when the staff/teams who will be joining are colleagues and are stuck with the same problems and issues we all face, networking and sharing these struggles help everyone improve.

OCSC24: How the local Spanish cybersecurity community and government have been involved in supporting the OCSC conference?

ILN: Gobierno de Canarias is kind enough to acknowledge the importance of this event, therefore they will be partially hosting the social dinner in order to meet all participants and make sure we all feel at home. WhyTenerife is also an important tractor for the tourism in Tenerife, both parties are excited that OCSC has selected Tenerife to celebrate the event. 

OCSC24: Can you tell us about the history and importance of the Auditorio de Tenerife, especially in the context of hosting events and conferences like the OCSC?

ILN: The architect behind this is no other then Santiago Calatrava, you can have your own thought of the build quality, but the design is pretty much radical, it took around 6 years to complete it, pretty much is the iconic symbol of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Regarding in terms of hosting events such as these we must agree they are very experienced, at the same venue we celebrate a cybersecurity hacking conference called “HACKRON” which has been using this venue for almost 10 years! We are sure you will enjoy such an iconic venue.

OCSC24: How do you hope participants will remember their experience at OCSC24, both in terms of the conference itself and their time in Tenerife?

ILN: As a getaway from busy cities, bad weather, and a place where you can network at the highest level and enjoy quality content under the impressive venue of Auditorium Adan Martin in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Canary Islands is a must visit spot, especially during cold winters months in Europe.

OCSC24: Thank you again and see you soon in Santa Cruz de Tenerife!

ILN: My pleasure, see you there!